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    Caribbean Cruise – Part 2

    In which I take you along on part 2 of my first ever cruise holiday with my mother. Watch part 1 – Key West/Costa Maya/CozumelĀ  We cruised – Celebrity Cruises Equinox More travel with my mother? Mother daughter trip to Cornwall Mother daughter weekend in Disneyland ParisĀ 

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    Weekly Vlog: Pizza Party!

    In which I have a very busy work week, and then eat a lot of celebratory pizza. Watch Another This time last year: A new chapter? This time in 2016: Not Leamington Food Festival This time in 2015: Patch testing…

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    Colourful Autumn Wardrobe Clear Out

    In which I prepare for a colourful Autumn (and mourn Summer!) by tackling my wardrobe! Seasonal wardrobe clear outs Autumn 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018 Watch another? This time last year – Quiet but productive This time in 2016 –…

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    Weekly Vlog: The Snotly Vlog

    In which I’m not exactly at my best, but determined to keep the weekly vlog going! Watch another? This time last year: No vlog – festival prepping! This time in 2016: No vlog – on my mini-moon! This time in…