Shoeper Shoe Challenge #1

You may have read a couple of weeks ago that I’m taking part in the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge 2011 – the basic premise is that I have to wear all of my shoes (yup, all 77 pairs!) between 14th February 2011 and 14th February 2012 in order to ‘save’ them, or else they’re out! I’m also operating a ‘one in one out’ policy, so for any new shoes that I buy, an old pair has to go.

I saved my first pair of shoes yesterday:

I spent the day at Loopy Ladies boutique, and thought I’d take the flares comeback as an excuse to dig mine out and channel my inner 70s diva (although maybe my hair was a little more Helga from Allo Allo than Farrah). I love these shoes so very much, they’re super high, but so, so comfortable. In fact, I wear them so often that when I was photographing them I noticed that they’re starting to get a little worn, so I may have to take them to the cobbler for some TLC.

I also notice that I’m no way near as good at shoe-friendly photo poses as Shoeperwoman. Ah well, will have plenty of chances to work on that over the next year!

Off white multi-strap hidden platform mary janes from TopShop. Flared jeans from French Connection (many moons ago, ‘archived’ in my wardrobe until they made a comeback!), tunic from frocked up.