BB Cream – What’s the fuss about? (and a review)

So, BB Cream. It seems a bit old news by now, but everyone still seems to be going on about it, and I’m still getting lots of questions about what the stuff actually is! People hear that it’s some sort of miracle cream that’s going to solve all of their skin’s woes and make them look like a 20 year old, that it will make them look like they have perfect skin, that it’s the one true ‘no makeup’ makeup.

So, is it?

Well, to answer that you have to go back a bit to the origins of BB cream, and when it first came onto the beauty radar. Now apparently it was developed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the Far East as a highly concealing but natural looking makeup that actually helped their skin and scarring (from surgery, burns etc.) to heal. Normal women then got their hands on this ‘Blemish Balm’ or ‘Beauty Balm’ and found that if your skin was actually fairly normal to start with, then this was pretty wonderous stuff, creating that porcelain doll-like perfect complexion that many of the Korean and Japanese girls are so fond of. As beauty bloggers in the west caught on to this, they started importing the BB Cream for themselves (at no little expense)

Fast forward a little, and the big brands started creating their own BB Creams aimed at the western market. I believe that garnier was the first, and then soon it seemed almost every brand had one, all promising that it was wonderous ‘all in one’ makeup. However, from what I could see, most of them just seemed to be glorified tinted moisturisers (something I’m not that big a fan of anyway, but that’s for another blog!) occasionally also offering a sunscreen as well. Big woop – there have actually been products offering that for a while, just under other names (See Olay’s new Total Effects Touch of Foundation Ad, claiming to be the ‘original BB Cream’. It just didn’t seem to me that these products were actual BB Creams as they were originally intended.

However, a new batch of these have now been released, that seem to be more along the right lines. I actually spotted the 17 for Boots BB Cream on the shelf as I was looking for some nail varnishes to treat myself to (I had racked up a few advantage card points!) and gave it a little go on the inside of my wrist – my favourite place, other than the face, to test foundations and bases. It felt really different, much more akin to the texture of a primer, seemed like it would give good coverage, and the packaging promised that it was a true ‘blemish balm’ and would improve my skin (always a little on the spotty side!) in 4 weeks. Well, I just had to give this a go!

You can see my full review and opinions on 17 BB Cream in the following YouTube Video – yup I’m getting back on the vlogging wagon this year!!