Just One More Visit to the Chef’s Table! Brunch, Blognix and Photoschool

After a couple of weeks of very much feeling like we were all just ‘getting into the year’, this week feels like everything has kicked off properly. I’ve been back in the studio styling, attended my first bloggers/press event of the year, been out having catchup meetings with freelancing clients, and generally cracking on! I’ve been trying really hard to stick to the schedule that I’ve planned out for myself, and found out the hard way that it all gets a little tough to keep up with if I don’t keep to it! In fact, by Saturday I was feeling decidedly frazzled! Fortunately, although the boyf was planning on taking me out on Saturday night, he wasn’t able to get a table and instead the night consisted of a Chinese takeaway and a movie, clad in my fleeciest pyjamas – bliss! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good date night, but sometimes you just need to recharge!

So here’s what I’ve been up to this week…
  • Attempting to stick to my ‘lots more fruit and veg rules’. Have been pretty successful, but have, of course been ‘balancing’ this with treats too! We’re hopefully getting a juicer in the next week or so, so I’m hoping that this will help. I got really into green smoothies last year and was amazed by how much veg you can consume when it’s in liquid form!
  • Going to Photo School – have now had my second class and I’m enjoying it so much! If you’re in the Birmingham area and want to get that posh camera of yours of Auto (finally!) then I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve been learning about the technicalities of photography – aperture, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO, all that business, but also about the artistic side – light and composition. I have therefore been taking lots and lots of photos trying to get to grips with all of this, and the boyf has been a very patient model (not sure he realised this would be part of the deal when he bought me the course for Christmas!)
  • Spending the day with the fabulous Elizabeth from Rosalilium and Raj from Average Chap, filming lots of increasingly silly YouTube videos (should start to see some of these on both of our channels soon!), being incredibly jealous of Elizabeth’s posh lighting (think I can see what my next investment will be!) and holding the first planning meeting for Blognix 2014. The date has been set for 14th June! Last year’s conference was brilliantly informative and inspiring, and it was fab to connect with other bloggers from around the UK. Blognix 2014 promises to be bigger and better, so pop the date in your diary!
  •  Getting back in the studio with my first colours analysis client of the year! Love helping people to wear more colour and can’t wait for my next appointment!
  • I was also invited along to try the Sunday Brunch at Malmaison Birmingham. Oh, M, frickin G, twas AMAZING. We were greeted with Bloody Marys (virgin for me as I had to drive!) and then once we took our seats we were able to  make as many visits to the chef’s table as we liked. Here we found a massive spread of cured meats, cheeses, rillettes, fresh bread, salads, grilled vegetables, and smoked fish. At the other end of the table was a crepe and omlette station, where a chef would cook for you to order. My particular favourites from the Chef’s table were the pork and prune terrine, and the wonderfully fresh chargrilled vegetables. I was also impressed with the quince jelly available to accompany the cheeses – YUM. I made a couple of trips to the table, but managed to restrain myself as I knew we had another course yet to come. I chose the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon (also known as Eggs Royale, I believe), and was so glad I had left some room! There was a generous portion of smoked salmon, topped with hollondaise and perfectly poached eggs which literally exploded with runny yoke as you cut into them. I will definitely be back as I’m sure this would be the perfect lazy Sunday treat for the boyf! Thanks so much to Malmaison and East Village PR for inviting me along!
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