What I Wore: Winter 2018 Most Worn

If you follow me over on instagram (if not why not? Follow me!) you’ll know that I post pretty regular outfit photos. I hesitate to call them daily, but this is what I’m trying to build toward. I hadn’t been posting as regularly because decorating chaos had crept into our bedroom (my main mirror selfie spot!) and I didn’t feel right having all the mess in the background in the hyper-curated, everything is perfect world that is instagram.

But more recently, I’ve thought ‘sod it’ and posted the photos anyway, mess and all. I realised that increasingly I’ve been referring to my instagram feed to see what I’ve been wearing recently and ensure that I’m mixing things up with my outfits and colours, and I can’t do that if I’m not posting regularly!

I noticed, for example, that If I’m feeling tired or ill, I have been getting stuck in a ‘navy rut’ – the whole point of never wearing black is to wear more colour, not just replace black with another (very similar) neutral, so I’m glad that I caught this. I’ve also realised that my capsule wardrobe has worked really well for Winter, but as we get into the new year, I’m finding myself feeling a little hemmed in by the restricted colour palette, and missing brighter pops of yellow and green. I think this might just be a natural hankering for Spring, and now can’t wait to do my seasonal wardrobe changeover. However,  given the fact that a blizzard is raging outside as I type this, it won’t be happening in the first weekend of March, as I’d planned!

So, whilst I wait for the weather to improve a little and Spring to truly arrive, I thought it would be handy to review my outfits from this Winter, and work out what my most worn items are. This will hopefully help me not only work out what to carry through to next season, but also come next Winter will help me know what I’ve already got, and what the gaps are when I come to unpack the wooly jumpers!




Winter most worn

So, gathering all of these photos together, what are my thoughts?

  • I’d planned on my neutrals for winter being navy, cream, grey and tan – I really stuck to grey and navy, and hardly wore cream or tan at all
  • On work from home days (generally around half of my week) I generally reach for jeans and a sweatshirt or jumper, so it’s important that I have fun and colourful versions of these in my wardrobe, and try to make things more interesting with accessories like headbands or earrings
  • On office days I still reach for dresses and skirts most often – and spots and stripes seem to be my go-tos!
  • I got more wear out of my tartan Collectif Christmas day dress than I thought I may
  • There are definitely skirts and dresses that I didn’t wear this season – usually because I didn’t have suitable knitwear or boots to go with it. I should feel confident investing in fine knits/cardigans in the colours from my chosen palette, and I need more flat boots in more colours – red and gold would be useful!
  • I put ‘red cardigan’ on my shopping list in Autumn, but didn’t actually get one till February, where I proceeded to wear the heck out of it – note to self, actually follow your wardrobe shopping list!
  • I hardly ever wear heels any more – and wear trainers and jeans a lot more than I used to!

To carry through to Spring

  • Boots
  • Jeans
  • Fine knits & sweatshirts
  • Dresses & Skirts with tights
  • Accessories
  • Fine scarves

To pack away for next winter

  • Chunky knits, hats and scarves (although maybe not quite yet!)
  • Tartan prints
  • Festive gear (already done!)

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