What I Wore: March 2018

I found my Winter ‘what I wore’ post very useful – especially when it has come to clearing out my wardrobe for Spring, and working out where the gaps are for the coming season.

So, once again, for your (and my) delight (or possibly mild boredom) a compilation of my outfit photos from the last month (a little late, coz I’ve been on my holidays!), and the random thoughts they inspire…


  • March was blooming cold, wasn’t it? Not exactly a massive difference here from my Winter outfits!
  • Think I succeeded a little in getting out of my ‘navy rut’ and definitely wore less of it.
  • You can see a little yellow sneaking in after my very late Spring wardrobe change over – hurrah!
  • Jeans are still my go-to for work from home days, but I think I’m successfully mixing some more colour in, and will definitely be on the lookout for more coloured jeans to fit into my Spring wardrobe!
  • I finally found some dungarees that fit!
  • I LOVE the shape of my spotty skirt from Joanie clothing. If they bring this out in more colours I’ll snap it up in a heartbeat, but also once I have a sewing set up in my new office I wonder if I can make more skirts in this shape?
  • My roots really need doing – thank goodness I’ve already got this booked in!

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